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Ronald Poppo Man Face Eating Links

Last Updated: 9/7/2012

zombie cartoon characterThe Ronald Poppo and Rudy Eugene zombie attack where Ronald Poppo had his face literally at off by Rudy Eugene in Miami is still in high demand. So.. I’m compiling a list of links where you can see the face eating attack links in order from date posted with the headings and links to their respected site. One stop shop for your zombie attack information. I will keep adding links as time goes on so bookmark this page and keep coming back.

05/30/2012 New Surveillance Video: Rudy Eugene’s Naked Face-Eating Attack Lasted 18 Minutes (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
06/06/2012 Rudy Eugene Was Carrying Bible, Had Smoked Marijuana Before Face-Eating Attack: Report (VIDEO)
06/12/2012 New Ronald Poppo Photos Released; Doctors Say Face-Chewing Victim ‘Doing Well’ (VIDEO, GRAPHIC PHOTOS)
06/14/2012 Rudy Eugene, Ronald Poppo: ‘Miami Naked Cannibal Attack’ In Images (GRAPHIC PICTURES)
06/14/2012 ‘Naked Cannibal’ Rudy Eugene And Ronald Poppo Pictured Seconds After Bloody Attack (GRAPHIC PICTURES)
06/27/2012 Ronald Poppo Photos: Rudy Eugene Face-Eating Attack In Pictures (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)
06/27/2012 Rudy Eugene: No Bath Salts, Only Marijuana Found In Face-Eater Toxicology Tests (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
07-15-2012 Rudy Eugene Met Ronald Poppo Before Face-Mauling Attack: Friend (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
07-16-2012 Ronald Poppo Fund Has Raised $110,700 For Homeless Face-Eating Attack Victim (PHOTOS)
08/08/2012 Ronald Poppo Tapes: Face-Eating Victim Says Rudy Eugene ‘Just Ripped Me To Ribbons’ (VIDEO)

Rudy Eugene’s Girlfriend Speaks Out Against Cannibalism

Yovonka Bryant

Rudy Eugene's girlfriend - Yovanka BryantPhotograph: Andrew Innerarity/Reuters

Rudy Eugene is the man who attacked Ronald Poppo and nearly chewed off all of Poppo’s face. Rudy Eugene had a girlfriend and her name is Yovonka Bryant. She is 27 years old and is from Miramar, FL.

She is being advised to speak out against cannibalism by her counselor. Who is her counselor? Well that counselor just so happens to be celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred. Allred said, “Yovonka and I are very concerned about the issue of cannibalism and the number of cases that are being reported.”  “We are hopeful that … Yovonka can help the public understand the dire consequences of cannibalism for its victims.”

Allred also said, “Jokes are being made about this issue on late-night television.” She went on to say “Cannibalism is a serious issue and is very dangerous to the health and well-being of both the cannibal and the victim.”

All this comes just two weeks after the gruesome attack on the MacArther Causeway. Bryant said Eugene was not a mean or vicious man at all. He read the Bible, was a sports fan, and wanted to open his own car detailing company some day.

Byrant and Eugene starting dating in March and they would read the Bible and Quran together. For dates they would go out to eat and watch movies. She also claims she saw Eugene smoke marijuana once. That is the only time she had seen him do drugs. She has never seen him drink.

Another resident in the area chimed in and said that Bryant and Eugene had an off and on relationship for five years and would often see Eugene smoke marijuana but was never violent.

There is no intentions by Allred to have Bryant sue anyone.

Watch: Surveillance video of man bites another mans face off

Bryant has three kids ages 11, 8 and 3 and her kids liked him. They would call him “Uncle Beard.”

“I felt safe with Rudy,” she said. “In his presence, his smile alone just uplifted my spirit … I truly did not have a care in the world when I was with him.”

Bryant also believes that Eugene was one some sort of drug that was given to him without him knowing.

Ronald Poppo was the victim in the worldwide news headline man eats another mans face for the last two weeks. He is still recovering in Jackson Memorial Hospital after having one of his eyes gouged out and 75% face bit off.

Source: wptv

Ronald Poppo’s Face: Who leaked the graphic photos?

Ronald Poppo

Ronald Poppo, homeless man who had his face bit off

If you don’t like to look at gruesome photos, you may not want to Google ‘Ronald Poppo face’. I will not be posting them on this site. There are some very disturbing images of the crime scene of a naked man bites off another man’s face and of Ronald Poppo in medical care.

The big question that arises from all this is… who took the photos? The Miami Herald reports that whoever leaked the photos will have legal or ethical consequences. Especially if they were employed by the county. That could be possible because one of the pictures of Ronald Poppo’s face has a breathing tube in his throat which could lead back to medical worker.

The Miami Herald also says that the pictures that are now buzzing around the web have been traced back to a Twitter account of a Cuban puppet whose name is Pepe Billete. The pictures were posted Monday night on Instagram and Twitter which Twitter then later removed them after he was reported to Instagram.

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Ronald Poppo’s Family Didn’t Know He Was Alive

Ronald Poppo Face Eating Victim

Ronald Poppo

More interesting developments in this Zombie case. According to CBS Miami reports, his family thought he has been dead for years.

Ronald Poppo‘s sister, Antoinette Poppo, said “I tried to reach him, but I just thought he killed himself. And we really thought he was no longer on this earth.”

Antoinette said that the family hasn’t heard from Ronald, 65 years old, in 30 years. He attended New York’s prestigious Stuyvesant High school in the ’60s and not much has been heard from him since that time.

Miami Herald Reported that Stuyvesant’s records say that Ronald had an above average IQ of 129. He was even enrolled at a nearby College according to a former homeroom classmate.

Antoinette Poppo said “I’m very upset” because she had just learned of the brutal attack. She went on to say “I’m just glad my mother’s not here to see this.”

Police arrest records show that Ronald did reside in New Orleans for awhile before he made his way to Miami. In Miami is where was shot by “John Doe” in 1976. He was brought to Jackson Memorial Hosptial in 1976 and is now at the same hospital now which much of his face gone.

Ronald Poppo was the attack victim of Rudy Eugene who was shot dead by police after he wouldn’t stop attacking Poppo upon the police requests. Right now Poppo’s biggest concern is infection to the wounds.

You can read more about the face attack victim.

Ronald Poppo Face Attack Victim Condition is Still Unclear

Rudy Eugene and Ronald Poppo

Rudy Eugene and Ronald Poppo's mugshots

The homeless man whose face was pretty much chewed off in a crazy, terrible attack faces the biggest threat of infection. According to facial reconstruction experts his main concern at this time is not so much the injuries he sustained but the germs that got in him during the attack.

Ronald Poppo, the attack victim, will definitely be permanently disfigured after seeing the gruesome pictures that surfaced on the web. The only feature that could be made out on his face was his beard, the rest of his face was pretty much gone. Also, one of the eyes of 65 year old Poppo was gouged out.

“The human mouth is basically filthy,” said Dr. Seth Thaller, the chief of plastic and reconstructive surgery at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine.

It is still not clear as to why Poppo was attacked on Saturday afternoon by 31-year-old Rudy Eugene alongside the busy highway . Police still haven’t released many details about the brutal attack, but surveillance video from a nearby building shows Eugene pulling Poppo from the shade where he was what looked to be napping, then he beat and stripped Poppo before appearing to bend over and then lie on top of him.

Also new reports are coming out that Rudy Eugene wasn’t homeless and was actually working at a car detail place. His girlfriend said he was acting kind of strange the night before the attack happened. She had also said the earlier Saturday morning Eugene called her and said his car had broke down. According to reports his car was also towed that day for parking in a non parking spot.

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