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Are you getting Scroogled? …commercial

This commercial makes me laugh. I myself am a huge supporter of Google, let’s be realistic, they are the top of the chain. They have their act together compared to Bing who just isn’t there. Whether it be Analytics or Webmaster tools. Just one instance is page indexing with Bing is no where near it is with Google. Compare some popular sites from Bing vs. Google using… and you will see a close estimate of how many pages are indexed in that search engine.

As far as this ad that is currently running on national TV, it’s a joke. Yes, in October Google made all of Google Shopping turn into paid results/listings using Google Adwords. It works the same way as the regular text ad’s by using a “bidding” technique to see who will be displayed first for that particular item or text ad.

You can upload your products to Bing for free (kind of tricky), BUT, it is possible. You will almost never be seen though. Why you ask? You won’t be seen because Bing does use Cost Per Click (CPC) ad’s. They have partnered up with in October of 2011. Whereas Google did it in October of 2012. All the top listings you will are paid for in the same fashion Google is paid for. So basically, with this ad, Bing is calling the kettle black because not only are they doing it, they started doing it a YEAR EARLIER than Google. Technically, they can say they don’t have paid ad’s because its not on their site, it’s on’s site. They are using’s results though.

I think this ad should be taken down because it is misleading. If you go with Bing you will be .. well plain and simple, screwed. Here is the ad..

How often can you post to Craigslist?

Craigslist LogoI recently did some testing with Craigslist ads and I was wondering, “Well how often can I post to Craigslist without getting my ads flagged?”

Most of us will want to post something then want to post something the next day. Well, you can’t do that. It will get the attention of “Craig” and you won’t be seeing any of your ads.

So How Long do I have to wait until I can re-post my same Craigslist ad?

You have to wait 48 hours to repost an ad to Craigslist. To be exact you need to wait 2,880 minutes. That actually breaks down to 48 hours and 15 minutes. So, if you have ads ready to go for automated posting. Make sure you are waiting 48 hours and 15 minutes in between posts. Keep in mind as soon as the 48 hours is up then you will be allowed to re-post or delete your content. If you re-post before the extra 15 minutes after the 48 hour period then you will be considered to have the same article listed twice and you will be “ghosted” so your content will not be seen.

What if I still can’t see my Craigslist ads?

The first thing is…  are you spamming? Maybe you have been flagged or ghosted. If you still can’t see your ads even after waiting the 48 hours and 15 minutes then that means you could have posted too much “duplicate content”. Click on the link to check for duplicate content.


If you have any other tips or tricks for Craigslist ads please leave a comment below and I will update this article.

Resetting your iPad back to original settings

If you’re planning on giving away or selling your iPad I will tell you how to reset your iPad back to the original factory settings. This way the new user will be able to have a fresh iPad for them to load all the settings the way they want to.

You want to reset everything for the ease of the next user and also for your personal protection. Especially if you sell or give your iPad to someone you don’t know. This will prevent any type of identity theft as well.

Let’s get started on the process. On the home screen you will see the settings icon. iPad Setting Icon
Open up the settings. Once the setting is open on the left hand side you will see the General button.

General Button iPad Settings

Open up the General option. In the General settings on the right hand side, at the very bottom, select the button Reset.

Reset Button iPad Settings

Continue here for step 2 of resetting the iPad back to factory settings.

Resetting your iPad back to original settings

Step 2

See part 1 for resetting iPad to factory settings

In the reset settings you have multiple options you can choose from. I’ll explain them: Reset Settings Options iPad The Reset All Settings will reset all of your settings that you changed after you originally booted up your iPad. You would use this option if you are planning on giving the iPad to a family member or someone who is close to you. This will keep all your data but just reset your preferences. Your data includes things like pictures, music, movies, contacts, etc. If you plan on selling your iPad to a stranger or don’t want another person have have your personal information or data you will want to choose the second option: Erase All Content and Settings. This will erase and reset ALL information and will start your iPad from scratch like you had just turned it on for the first time out of the box. The Reset Network Settings will reset all of your wireless or internet connections. The rest of the options are pretty self-explanatory. Continue here for step 3 of resetting the iPad back to factory settings. < .. or back to Step 1 

Resetting your iPad back to original settings

Step 3

Step 1 resetting iPad to factory settings Step 2 resetting iPad to factory settings 

Once you select Erase All Content and Settings there will be a pop up window. It will ask you to confirm if you really want to erase all settings and data back to the orginal settings. Confirm Erase iPad Screen Once you confirm, the resetting process begins. The whole process only takes a couple of minutes to do and will reset back to the Apple logo. When you have to start selecting the original set up options (i.e. choosing your language), you have successfully reset all your data and settings and can now be handed over to the next proud owner of an iPad. < .. or back to: Step 1 Step 2