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Spam Phone Numbers

phoneEver annoyed by those annoying telemarketers or spam phone numbers? Normally when I get a call from a telemarketer I play around with them a bit to have some fun or I’ll politely ask them to remove me from the call list. If you’re nice about it, they usually are nice enough to cooperate with you.

Lately I’ve been getting a call averaging about three times a day from the same number. When I answer, no one is there. Then if I stay on the line for about 15 seconds listening to silence, someone will pick up and say “Hello?” I’ll respond back, “Yeah, hello?” Then they hang up. I’m putting this out there because this has been going on now for about a week and a half and I’m quite sick of it. The phone number is 971-220-1971. The 971 area code is from northwestern Oregon. To be exact it’s from Gresham, Oregon. The company, after my research, is SBC TELECOM, INC. – OR. The switch number is PTLGORYRDS0 and the number has been reported as a spammer from around 100% of people.

I’ve tried calling back multiple times just to get to the bottom of it but the number says it’s been disconnected. I did report them as directed by the FCC here:

Where Do I Report Telemarketers or Illegal Calls?

Here is a paragraph from the site to also report this number or any other numbers. “Consumers can register on-line for the national do-not-call registry by going to To register by telephone, consumers may call 1-888-382-1222: for TTY call 1-866-290-4236. You must call from the phone number you wish to register.”

Leave comments on this article to report other numbers that are making illegal/annoying calls and I’ll keep updating this list. You can include a brief story of what happened as well. Either leave a comment or go to the contact us page.

Spam Phone Numbers:


Shaun White Arrested

Shaun White ArrestedShaun White was arrested after he allegedly got wasted and trashed a hotel room when he was staying. He also injured himself in the process.

According to TMZ Shaun White was in Nashville, Tenn at a hotel when he allegedly went crazy in his hotel room and began wrecking his room. The hotel staff confronted White but he ran away from them pulling several fire alarms. As he was running away he ran so fast he fell and split his head open.

Law enforcement told TMZ that Shaun was arrested for public intoxication and vandalism. He was taken into custody but first went to the hospital to get treated for his injuries from the fall. He will then be taken to jail.

According to TMZ, Shaun White’s rep couldn’t be reached for a comment.

GoDaddy Down and Anonymous is Claiming the Attack

GoDaddy the web hosting company and domain registration company is down and causing a lot of problems with businesses relying on their services. It went down Monday afternoon causing a lot of chaos on the Internet.

GoDaddy is aware of the problem and they are trying to fix it.

GoDaddy Tweet

“#TangoDown –,” @AnonOpsLegion tweeted Monday. The Twitter account @AnonymousOwn3r was responsible for the breach. “TangoDown” is the word that Anonymous mostly uses to say a website is down.

Someone else tweeted  “Basically, every GoDaddy site on the planet just crashed.”

The Yangtze River Turns Red in China

Yangtze River turns red golden river
The river best known as the “golden watercourse”, it sure isn’t golden right now. The Yangtze River has turned red and no one knows why.

The Yangtze is the largest and longest river in China and the third longest river in the world. That is pretty impressive except sometime yesterday near the city Chongquing, the Yangtze started turning red where the Yangtze connects to the Jialin River. The river was the most red by Chongqing.

Yangtze River turns red golden river
A lot of residents were taken back as to why the “golden river” was turning red. Some were out there filling up water bottles and taking samples to save it. The folks that rely on the river for their income with fishing and other industries just kept going on with their work.

Right now there are officials on the scene and they are trying to figure out why the river is turning red. It will be interesting as to see what sparked this red color to fire up.

The Yangtze is named the “golden river” because of the mass amount of rain it receives on a yearly basis. The river also runs through Southwest China’s biggest commercial and industrial center.

Ronald Poppo Man Face Eating Links

Last Updated: 9/7/2012

zombie cartoon characterThe Ronald Poppo and Rudy Eugene zombie attack where Ronald Poppo had his face literally at off by Rudy Eugene in Miami is still in high demand. So.. I’m compiling a list of links where you can see the face eating attack links in order from date posted with the headings and links to their respected site. One stop shop for your zombie attack information. I will keep adding links as time goes on so bookmark this page and keep coming back.

05/30/2012 New Surveillance Video: Rudy Eugene’s Naked Face-Eating Attack Lasted 18 Minutes (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
06/06/2012 Rudy Eugene Was Carrying Bible, Had Smoked Marijuana Before Face-Eating Attack: Report (VIDEO)
06/12/2012 New Ronald Poppo Photos Released; Doctors Say Face-Chewing Victim ‘Doing Well’ (VIDEO, GRAPHIC PHOTOS)
06/14/2012 Rudy Eugene, Ronald Poppo: ‘Miami Naked Cannibal Attack’ In Images (GRAPHIC PICTURES)
06/14/2012 ‘Naked Cannibal’ Rudy Eugene And Ronald Poppo Pictured Seconds After Bloody Attack (GRAPHIC PICTURES)
06/27/2012 Ronald Poppo Photos: Rudy Eugene Face-Eating Attack In Pictures (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)
06/27/2012 Rudy Eugene: No Bath Salts, Only Marijuana Found In Face-Eater Toxicology Tests (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
07-15-2012 Rudy Eugene Met Ronald Poppo Before Face-Mauling Attack: Friend (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
07-16-2012 Ronald Poppo Fund Has Raised $110,700 For Homeless Face-Eating Attack Victim (PHOTOS)
08/08/2012 Ronald Poppo Tapes: Face-Eating Victim Says Rudy Eugene ‘Just Ripped Me To Ribbons’ (VIDEO)